LMICS strategic, reporting and operational governance frameworks

The purpose of the Frameworks is to ensure a clear process and responsibility for:

  • Strategic Governance of LMICS;
  • Operational governance of LMICS;
  • Identifying and actioning cancer care improvement initiatives; and
  • Reporting of LMICS activity.

LMICS Strategic Governance Framework

LMICS Strategic Governance Framework defines the relationship of the Advisory Groups to the Governance Group and to the broader cancer care provider and consumer communities. 


LMICS Operational Governance Framework

LMICS Operational Governance Framework clearly defines the operational relationship and responsibilities of the host agency (Bendigo Health), the LMICS Governance Group and LMICS Secretariat.


LMICS Reporting Framework

The purpose of the Reporting Framework is to clearly define the type and frequency of reporting across key stakeholders, the funding body (DOH) and host agency(Bendigo Health).


LMICS Staffing Structure