Future Directions

LMICS will continue to support clinicians and services to implement relevant aspects of the Victorian Cancer Plan 2016–2020. It will also provide support to its members to implement the Loddon Mallee Regional Cancer Services Plan, which was completed in June 2017. This plan sets out a prioritised list of projects for member services and LMICS to implement.


In order to strengthen and consolidate the ICS, a state-wide reconfiguration project has been established by DHHS. The new ICS framework will incorporate greater centralisation of ICS Strategic Planning, including state-wide projects. LMICS will implement these at the local level while also maintaining local priorities.


Core priorities that LMICS has identified are:


  1. Continue the OCP Project across further tumour streams, with forthcoming implementation of the OCP for People with Oesophagogastric Cancer and the OCP for Men with Prostate Cancer.
  2. In partnership with members, implement the Cancer Patient Experience of Care survey within all chemotherapy services in the region. This survey is a validated tool that will be used to create a benchmark against which future projects can be measured and identify appropriate local projects based on survey results
  3. Support Bendigo, Swan Hill and Kerang services to optimise the quality and safety of the outreach chemotherapy services through a structured research project
  4. Improve consumer engagement and supportive care processes in line with state-wide programs
  5. Complete the MDM Quality Framework Project and commence implementation activities
  6. Continue to support clinicians and services through provision of data services and communication activities
  7. Work with HumeRICS to improve referral rates to Kyabram Chemotherapy Service
  8. Implement three projects in the Mildura region each year that align to the LMICS Strategic Plan.
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